Light Up Rural India: Gift A Smile — Selflessly !!!

Have you ever seen a little girl running behind an air-plane cruising above the grounds of her tiny isolated village which is still untouched by the electricity? And for some funny reasons India is being compared with China and other upcoming nations. I only wonder in what parameters we are daring to make such heartbreaking comparisons.


Oh wait, let me rethink, perhaps by looking at the progress and stakes from the cities of India such as Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkatta, Pune, Chennai and others?

So how do they visualize such dream of making India better than other progressive countries like China etc. (who am I kidding, only comparing things with China— no matter what) by the amount of business that particular city generates from the investment made towards the cities’ developments.

  • Metros in Mumbai?
  • Roads & Transportation with hi-tech facilities — remember New Delhi Indira Gandhi International Airport’s Terminal — 3?
  • Indian grand Prix circuit location, Buddh International Circuit?
  • New Stadiums in Pune?

Promoting sports is excellent but aren’t we missing forest for the trees here? What daunts me the most is behind the glitters of Bollywood, Cricket and the Big 3s (Sharukh, Sachin & Salman) of India — the real face of Rural India is getting buried just as we speak.

Well, I can go on like that forever, but the point is comparing the ‘nation to nation’ and not just ‘cities with cities’. Why do they forget the rural India? In schools we were told that 70% of India’s population is located in rural India then aren’t they getting basic things.

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Youth which is considered one of the main source can’t study after sunset, women who run small scale set work gets halted, family can’t have their dinner and do other basic things post evening in the fear of snakes and other dangerous insects at night ———you must be wondering why?

Well, BREAKING NEWS — 80,000 villages lack electricity connection & approx 300,000 villages do not have electricity for more than 5-6 hours daily.

  • What is solution of this darkness?
  • How it can be solved?

Long story short, Light Up Rural India is a stand to spark ray of hope to bring prosperity and happiness in India’s rural areas is by using Solar Lanterns.  This is our chance to make our fellow Indians’ lives better by doing our bits for them.


Well, they say sometimes it’s just the thought that counts but these villages definitely need help and having thought alone might not just make their dream of living happily in a normal life becomes impossible.

From of the following ways you can support the Light Up Rural India Campaign

1. Blog (write) about the – Light Up Rural India Campaign

2. Why one needs to donate solar lanterns and light up rural India?

3. Spread information about the distribution campaign conducted in Mumbai on the 26th Oct. 2013

Utilize one Sunday for your beloved Mother Land — India

If you wish to support “Light Up Rural India” to light up 1 lakhs homes in Rural India. You may just come along with your friends for the distribution campaign on 26th October 6-8pm at Ravindra Natya Mandir, Dadar, Mumbai, India

Some of achieved milestones

  • In just 3 months Households Impacted 550 2200+ Villagers Impacted
  • Villages Lit Up 10
  • 3 States [Maharashtra, Gujarat, Uttarakhand
  • 1000s of Rupees saved from not using Kerosene
  • Offset 55,000 kilograms of Greenhouse Gas Emissions
    • 5x-10x brighter than kerosene

What does this Campaign help Rural India?

  • Villagers get to spend productive time hence addition to overall progress.
  • Students can study better and achieve better milestones hence better opportunities.
  • Women empowerment with extended working hours – solves employment issues in family.
  • Money saved from kerosene expenses which are usually used for lights hence better utilization of money and encouragement to other productive activities.
  • Energy saving with conversion from kerosene to Solar
  • Less snake bites as villagers now have facility of portable light / night lamp
  • Farmers & villagers can freely walk through the village roads and farms without worrying about any danger.
  • New enhanced standard of living for rural India

Watch the inspiring video here:

Also visit here for complete one stop shop guide:

You may share these information with your respective social and professional networks and educate your beloveds to fulfil their social responsibility.

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