Dear Gods Of Cricket, What Is Stopping Mumbai Indians?

If Sachin Tendulkar is a God of Cricket, IPL is overrated

Or is it that Sachin Tendulkar is overrated and over paid just to bring in more fans, remember one of those zoo attractions that forces many to just watch a certain dinosaur or aged tiger perhaps a good old subject of amazement.

Parents talk about such players to their children and show them that this is the man who has been backbone of the so called one of the religions of India, Cricket.

What sort of inspiration is this?

There is a great joy in winning hearts, sometimes you have got to win the games. Team owners and co-related franchisers are spending massively on so called world –class players but deliverable from these players are as good as none.

I feel sorry for the fans and franchise of Mumbai Indians:

Local Indian players:

Sachin Tendulkar, Rohit Sharma ,Munaf Patel, Dinesh Karthik, Pragyan Ojha, Ambati Rayudu

International Players:

Ricky Ponting, Kieron Pollard, Lasith Malinga, Glenn Maxwell, Mitchell Johnson

Why Mumbai Indians are failing?

Sachin Tendulkar: He maybe a world-class player but he is not helping his team by any means by hanging around as an opener. There’s no doubt he’s a crowd puller and many people still are bedazzled his presence. I was never and I will never. Consider that many matches, oh, don’t get me started.

Ricky PontingPunter joined with Mumbai Indians with great reputation but he failed miserably. As a captain he may have to compromise in certain aspects because of past bitter relationship between the Indians vs. The Australian players. Yes, his one handed blinder will be remembered for years. Ricky still seems super fit but it’s high time that he allows his bat to do a bit of talking.

Rohit Sharma: His skills are appreciated just like Mumbai’s Ajit Agarkar and he has got ample of chance to prove his worth but he is just taking his place in side for granted. He has clearly lost his live wire mojo on the field as well as in his batting.

Kieron Pollard: His personality fits very well in the T20 format. Kieron Pollard’s talent his wasted and the Mumbai Indian selection team must be blamed for it.

Dinesh Karthik: He’s scoring and keeping the wickets like never before.

Harbhajan Singh: He easily gets irked by pretty much anything. Sir, you have been dropped from the Indian cricket team but excuse me, best of players have faced it and they have bounced back like true warriors.

Fighting spirit is wrongly defined by aggression such: Throwing back bowl at the wicket keeper even when batter is safely in the crease, mind games? I don’t think so. Harbhajan Singh has behaved erratically internationally and we all know how he behaves in IPL, well of course here we are talking about on filed behavior.

Remember that run out with Ambati Rayudu on non-strike, I mean what was that? Harbhajan has the ability to hit ball out of the ground but Ambati Rayudu is in the Mumbai Indian team for a reason, to score run faster for his team.

What did Harbhajan Singh do, he hesitantly started running when Ambati Rayudu called him for a quick run, the moment Harbhajan found out that it was a risky single he stopped and foxed his team mate, Ambati Rayudu.  What happened then? Well, my first impression was that Ambati Rayudu is gone. I was annoyed but then the drama started puzzling everyone, including 20+ Mumbai Indian fans that were innocently waiting to his their team winning a damn game.

There was a sigh of relief as big giant screen at the ground showed how smartly Ambati Rayudu had crossed Harbhajan Singh and placed his bat at the other side of CREASE, and then it was an easy decision for the 3rd umpire to give Harbhajan Singh run out.

What was Harbhajan Singh thinking, oh forget thinking bit, he’s not known for that anyway but you know what I mean? And now clearly it seems as if teamwork doesn’t exist anymore in his world.

Lasith Malinga: Slow balls, Yorkers and bouncers but clearly it is not enough, he needs support from his team mates in the field otherwise he has been a backbone for Mumbai Indians.

Let us see who all we have as coaches – mentors OR Baba(s) – whatever you want to term them as:

Fielding Coach: Jonty Rhodes — No comments

Bowling coach: (I don’t know what he does and why is he in Mumbai Indians’ team?) THE Legendary Anil Kumble, err, are you serious? He is the so called master of short-pitch bowling, no turn, but he is known for his lethal flipper, bouncy deliveries and weak fielding but how much of that contribute to team’s morale or forget morale, team’s performance is all I care, right?

Bowling coach is one of the biggest weaknesses. Bowling coach’s primary quality consist aggression, enthusiasm and perhaps also great past record if at all he has any.

Hypothetically speaking if I was in Mumbai Indians I’d prefer someone with a charisma of Shane Warne, Waqar or Walsh, that thought itself about having someone like Alan Donald in my team as a bowling coach would have been great encouragement mentally.  It’s the assurance that bowling coach provides is all I am concerned about, clearly if you ask me as a player I’d hear everything that he says but I’ll definitely will not have any advantage of having him as bowling coach for my team.

I was happy with Shaun Pollock as a bowling coach but there were are, replacing Pollock with the man who seems like his just dragged out of his sleep to coach world-class bowlers to god alone knows what, for Mumbai Indians.

Robin Singh: Assistant Coach (?) No comments

Head Coach – John Wright

Whatever you are doing Mr. Wright, it’s not right. Seems like in spite of having one of the best teams you are clueless about the combination that should be in a playing eleven. As a Mumbai Indian Coach, you have a massive role, yes, nobody needs to remind you that alright but if fans are paying 2000+ to watch their home team perform well, then they have all the rights to question coach’s and entire team management’s roles and responsibilities.

You guys are getting these big back contracts from IPL franchises more because if your respective wins or plays well then fans feel happy.

What could players and team management get if their teams win— meaning what are the perks?

Advertising contracts, Better future endorsements, Lots of Money, Privilege of a Brand Ambassador, IPL Parties and many more

Few things I would have done if I were a coach or a selector:

Out: Sachin Tendulkar, Harbhajan Singh, Rohit Sharma, Ricky Ponting

IN: Aiden Blizzard, Dwayne Smith, Glenn Maxwell, Dhawal Kulkarni, Munaf Patel

PS: I am not a Mumbai Indians fan.

2 thoughts on “Dear Gods Of Cricket, What Is Stopping Mumbai Indians?

  1. u r just a sick person who needs some type of treatment dude Rohit Sharma is in his best and presence of ST makes team mates feel up so plz stop posting such useless posts

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