Nature has its own voice — Hurricane Sandy

Sandy Monday

Time and again, we humans have tried to match pace of nature angst towards man kind. Most of the countries have experienced the scary side of Mother Nature and yet our efforts are facing something new during any natural disasters. I still have the pictures of floods in China, Pakistan, India and who can forget the dreadful scenes of Hurricane Katrina and the most devastating side of Mother Nature Tsunami.

As a layman I have seldom thought that from ‘where do these hurricanes and tsunamis come across?’ I am sure there’s some science where scientists and other experts know what’s the cause? Globally NGOs, activists and other organizations are trying their best to control the global warming but Mother Nature has its own way of letting humans know, who arrived first on the planet.

Nature’s way of communication is beautiful and it has always been but when, mean tendencies of human tries to demolish every beauty of Mother Nature on the surface of earth then sooner or later, some part of the world feels the brunt of nature’s angst. In spite of several wake calls from nature many countries are still busy shaping countries economy, geographical boundaries and what not. I am not saying those things needs to be stopped but why cut trees, chemical experimentation, kill beautiful species from wildlife, waste food, recreate plastic and other harmful activities that affects nature adversely.

The fact is simple—humanly when nature strikes back at us humans there’s no man in the world who can save himself from the rage of nature. It’s high time that world rethinks and starts working to make world better place to say. Clearly this post is for all who are tense, worried and moving around in U.S.A due to hurricane Sandy. I wish you all stay safe and I hope everything becomes normal soon. I haven’t done enough research to write this post but this is my way of expressing my helplessness against the will of nature.

President of United States of America Obama Quotes on Hurricane Sandy: “The great thing about America is that during tough times like this, we pull together.”

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