Mrs. Singh – The Nymph – 2



Mrs. Singh, opened a box for dark chocolate and pulled Nikita closer to her. Looking deep into her eyes, grinning like a foxy predator. Nikita pulled herself back, ordering Mrs. SIngh to get her neck-belt which was gifted to Mrs. Singh by Nikita. Don’t you ever forget who’s the boss here, you filthy nymph, barked Nikita with authority. Completely dominating Mrs. Singh. This is what Mrs. Singh liked about NIkita, her dominating nature and of course she addicted to her insatiable body too.

It was a beautiful afternoon and it started raining heavily. Mrs. Khan in the meantime, wanted to know what was Mrs. Singh’s secret gift to Mrs. Khan’s step-Daughter who she disliked. Out of curiosity, Mrs. Khan opened the beautifully wrapped gift which was for her Step-daughter Nikita from her ex-college crush’s wife, Mrs. Singh. As soon as Mrs. Khan opened the wraps of the gift, she rushed into her room and slammed the door hurriedly; after few minutes her maid’s Sona’s young son Aditya entered the house.


Mrs. Khan’s breathing heavily and her loud moaning from room made Aditya shiver awkwardly. A man is man afterall, a moaning woman will make any man or woman go crazy! Aditya was no saint. He slowly walked towards Mrs. Khan’s room and peeped into keyhole. Mrs. Khan lost in pleasure, slowly pumping her Step-daughter’s vibrating pink dildo into her bushy pussy, pinching her beautiful breast.

Aditya slowly started stroking himself, looking at happy Mrs. Khan from the keyhole. Just when everything was going as smoothly as MJ’s moonwalk, Aditya’s phone vibrated. In a shock reflection, Aditya slipped and Mrs. Khan’s bedroom door opened a bit with his push. Mrs. Khan was now looking out of the windows of her bungalow and hoping if she could find someone; someone who can really fill the emptiness of her excited body.



Mrs. Khan’s eyes fell upon the sight of her bedroom’s opened door; A young hunky man’s shadow, stroking himself hiding behind her bedroom; Mrs. Khan was now really turned on and she moaned louder as she started pushing the dildo inside her. Aditya tried to get a glimpse of moaning Mrs. Khan and she finally caught Aditya. Mrs. Khan bit her lower lip, snapped her sticky fingers and called Aditya near her…


To be continued…


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Mrs. Singh – The Nymph

Cheating Wife teasing her lover / Pic: Google

How do you know he is your father? I don’t know, Nikita said, melting looking at her. Does he know that his wife is head-over-knees about you; Nikita’s Step-sister teased her while massaging Nikita’s bare back. She giggled and pinched James.

After few weeks it started raining and weather was brutally teasing Mrs. Singh. In spite of having a hunky husband there was something she always felt was missing. And it was difficult to explain to Mr. Singh. Though he had immense appetite for what Mrs. Singh was craving but poor husband was unaware of Mrs. Singh’s wild fantasies.

For Monday afternoon, Mrs. Singh had some wicked plans. As soon as her husband left she quickly ran into her bedroom and threw dress out of her bungalow’s window. Mrs. Singh had given a parcel to her husband to deliver at Nishita’s home, few miles away; Mr. Singh realized he had forgotten his wife’s parcel at home but he had already reached home. Mr. Singh didn’t meet Nikita at home but he ended up meeting her step-mom and Step-brother. Both were having a heated arguments about something.

Shyly, Mr. Singh rang the bell. Nikita’s Step-mom, Mrs. Khan opened the door. She was suddenly very quiet. Zapped and speechless. Her college crush was right in front of her. Mrs. Khan asked Mr. Singh to enter the house. She asked how come he was here, both chatted for hours. Nikita’s step-brother was looking at them but didn’t say a word. Mrs. Khan said, come next time, let me see who that lucky bitch, who got married to hunk of our college; both laughed out loudly. Like the good old college days. It was getting nostalgic but suddenly Mr. Singh realized, he had a meeting and his wife’s parcel was still at home.

DSC_0122Mrs. Khan said, I am here now. With a man who likes sleeping with me and my son. And my 3rd husband has this slut of a daughter who doesn’t talk to me much and I think she hates me; but I am now happily married to her filthy rich dad so who cares about those bitches. Mr. Singh awkwardly smiled and could you please send your son to get my parcel. It is for Nikita? My wife had something for her. Mrs. Khan, will see what I can do.

Now Mrs. Khan was curious why in the world Mrs. Singh wanted to gift anything to her step-daughter?

To be continued…

Urban Confusion! Stupidity Max

It was suffocating me. She was playing hard to get or perhaps she was simply indecisive, I thought. After weeks I popped her question but she never replied. What I thought about her reactions: because (a) she had this self-defeating image of her own — I am fat that’s why you don’t like me. <FALSE> (b) Because I love someone else. <Balls, False again> (c) Because she was just confused.

It was a ridiculous phase where I had finally made up my mind to get married if she agrees but then in spite of meeting for almost more than a year, this was going nowhere. I usually I am not someone who does lots of surveys before finalizing my life’s decision. Needless to even say that, it’s my life, and I don’t need to ask the world what to do!” Though I was sure, I run a ridiculous poll on Twitter and results were simply against what I wanted eventually. That means, get on with life, get married bastard. Past mustn’t kill your present and especially future. Yes! Perhaps everybody knows this shit; isn’t it?

But I am weird bitch. I went extra mile for not because so that I can boast this onmy blog or Twitter timeline but because I thought, everybody (not everybody few) deserves a second chance. No matter mean they might have behaved in the past. So we set this official date at my friend’s restaurant (and not bar) so that even my best friend can throw some lights on the marriage matter. Just for the records, this friend knows me for more than 23 years and these valuable views matters to me immensely.

We met, they discussed and I excused myself to that my friend and that person who wanted to get married but was unsure had a chance to discuss. Verdict was still “seems okay to talk and all but you have to see after all. At least she’s better than some of the dames you have dated before, of except Divya — she was perfect, perhaps the best girl you have ever dated. For marriage, you take time and decide because we don’t know much about her background and family etc.”

I called my friend few days after our meeting and said, she was about to tell her mother about me, that she likes me too and if I was okay to meet her folks. Next morning, I had panic attack thinking about “what if-factors” and in a panic I told her, “I think we are polls apart. I have given a serious thought..”

She was obviously pissed and she said” what do you want”


Well, thankfully I didn’t answer to that bait. LOL. Marriage ka mamla is fucking like Indo-Pak banter during Cricket Matches sometimes. Brutal, intense and insane! I told after a week’s time; I had panicked — remember FRIENDS? where Chandler panicked because he thought he and Monica will become “BINGS” which was a phobia thanks to his parents wayward lifestyles. Anyway! There was another twist.

I told how stupid I was and asked her to forgive me in serious language and eyes. She was simply snotty for obvious reasons and “who do you think I am…” was bombarded with utmost aggression and I totally understand  how elementary level jerk I was in that whole conversation. It was difficult to defend, frankly I didn’t have anything in my defence. Besides apologizing and giving her constant assurance I was helpless. Honestly when a woman is in such a mood, nothing is certain ; silence may or may not work. I had clearly hugged a ticking bomb, of course not literally. Phew, you guys!

“We cannot take this further. Let’s just be friends.” I said, “I am sorry. I have your feelings but I am sure, didn’t wanted to hurt you but I have unfortunately. <99 more means things +…) ” I wished her all the best. Thought, phew — okay then, good radiance!

It wasn’t bleedy over. She whatsapped me last night. I had already removed her from contacts and even had blocked but my 2G saved her perhaps. I replied, Hi – who is this!” And she said, “wow, I like this…”


God knows, really.

Pushpendra PandyaGod only knows, what “wow, I like this…” means


PS: No, pictures uploaded has no relevance in this post! And IDK why😛





Reasons why women hate men? From A Man’s Perspective!

This is perhaps one of the most boring blog I have ever written but I had to for some reason.


Why I think men are hated are following levels:


Men, who drink coffee/tea and keep coffee mug there, unwashed.

Men, who doesn’t wash their hands before having meal or after visiting toilet.

Men, who doesn’t wash their socks, undies and handkerchief

Men, who stare women constantly


Men, who hits women

Men, who passes on lewd comments (virtually or otherwise)

Men, who elbows women in crowded journeys

Men, who eve-tease

Men, who tries to touch women inappropriately

Men, who disrespect women

Men, who abuses women


Men, who orders women for every little or bigger things

Men, who doesn’t help at home

Men, who feels ashamed to buy sanitary pads for his lady friends / family members

Men, who intentionally asks awkward questions

Men, who forces women foe physical pleasures

Men, who cheat


Men, who flirts (all the time, especially with your Best friends)

Men, who spend more time with friends than wife

Men, who doesn’t fulfil – emotionally, physically & financially (depends)

Men, who are impotent or with any such dysfunctions

Men, who are good to you but ugly to the world

Men, who are mean

Men, who are rich, mean & obnoxious to women and others

Men, who defend themselves regardless of weather he’s right or not

Men, who likes sports/movies over shopping

Men, who can’t stand his wife/girlfriend(s) (hot or not) friends/colleagues

Men, who like jealous and who doubt all the time

Men, who doesn’t like your success

Men, who doesn’t appreciate women

Men, who doesn’t thank women enough

Men, who hates going down on her (cunnilingus)

Men, who likes taking head but is mean to give head to his partner(s)

Men, who works late 3 days of the week

Men, who doesn’t spend time with his kids

Men, who doesn’t read

Men, who are dull

Men, who are not humorous

Men, who smell bad

Men, who doesn’t cook

Men, who isolate after arguments

Men, who stays silent especially when a woman’s expecting an answer


Well, this was an exhaustive list and I am sure these aren’t 100% all or perhaps; not exactly the reasons why women dislike men with such traits. I wonder why am I making such a list being a man. Well, lately I have read barrage of “men hating“ tweets, social media articles and articles in newspapers which simply suggests that, men are clearly not needed on this planet. And I am certainly not counting on negative or women who have suffered because of men but the overall verdict seems, men are just good for nothing.

This is not a post about how awesome man I am; I admit even I have had my share of learning.Now since we have few point why women (not all of course) dislike men who could start working on our (men) acts and who knows. Might write a follow up on this soon.

The Art of Cunnilingus During Periods

The Art of Cunnilingus During Periods
The Art of Cunnilingus During Periods

This is a story about an adventurous couple.

Today I am going to talk about something from my personal experience.

I THINK If A blow job is heaven to men, cunnilingus is dark chocolate to a woman’s soul. OR PERHAPS LET ME CALL IT SOMETHING ELSE – LIP SERVICE.

I am using “lip service” simply because it deserves more recognition. Blow job is a familiar term and if you go to internet, you will have many more.
SO, HERE IS WHAT I’VE BEEN WONDERING; Why DO men resist going down on women during their period?

It’s gross is the most common reactions from men and surprisingly women too. Yes!
What are the symptoms men observe when his lady partner is going through her periods?

– She’s cranky
– Gets hyper
– Uncomfortable
– Stomach aches
– Conversation gets difficult some times

As a man, I have often felt restless about this whole period phase where women go through immense  pain, physically and mentally. One of my partners said, “it’s nature’s will and we women are designed  like that by whoever made all of us. You stop stressing over. It’s all sweet and everything of you but  come on, all women go through this s**t!”

I have done a lot of reading about how I can make her feel better in whatever ways during her periods but I used to feel helpless during her periods, though my partner never complained about anything, she just kept herself occupied with lots of activities.

IT SEEMED TO ME THAT HAVING SEX WHEN MY PARTNER HAD HER PERIOD WOULD RELAX HER, HELP HER TO FEEL BETTER. To begin with we decided to have sex but my partner WAS a bit unsure but we tried and it was worth the try. Things changed for good though initially she was a bit embarrassed during our tries because you know, for the obvious reasons such as red stains on my Johnny.

Few months later, in one of those rainy days during her periods we decided to bunk work and spend some time together. While we were making love I started teasing her by writing random words by my tongue, tickling her navel, back and thighs. It was driving both of us insane and rain was just heating things up with its thundering background score. It was all perfect. I whispered: May I? She first pushed me away.

After few months she said, “Remember that rainy day when we had bunked, were you serious that you wanted to go down on me? Even after knowing I was in my periods? I was worried it might just gross you out. I have never experienced your naughty tongue there during my periods.”, I assured my partner THAT I REALLY MEANT IT. She was equally experimental about the overall my idea of – “beating the blues with the good old tongue to the juice” moments.  Though I didn’t swallow or anything but just licking her Down their made me feel heavenly and no, it didn’t gross me out because I was mentally prepared for it.

She said, “I wonder how many women will be as lucky as me to have her man pleasing her this way especially when she is going through immense pain during her periods. No matter what anyone say, if a man can be nice and supportive, especially during a woman’s menstruating days; she will make you feel like a king rest of the days of your life.

Just kidding but you know what I mean.

I have observed when a woman has her period, sometimes her sexual sensitivity is extremely high and the pleasure of a different order and seeing her pleasurable, also makes me go crazy.

Moron of the day is a – man or woman or anyone else who thinks making love is gross during periods.

Thousands of men & women who are either reading or listening to our The Art of Cunnilingus During Periods: Go down fearlessly; you might just surprise yourself and her.

Please note: This is a personal choice! It may differ from person-to-person. Please respect your partner’s level of comfort. I ain’t no sexpert.

Special Thank you to the team of Agents of Ishq for Inspiring me to write this article and for the podcast.

Ex-husband’s Secretary—A whole lot of love and more

After a hectic work day finally I reached home and sat to check emails. Besides social media

notifications, job offers and promotional emails there wasn’t anything special. I saw there were about

400+ unread emails. Wanted to clear them all and checking them all was surely a time consuming task. I

started glancing right from the oldest to newest emails. There were at least nine emails by an unknown

email ID. I thought maybe these are spam, scam or junk emails. I was sleepy and didn’t pay an


peculiarblend balcony

The next day I had suddenly become quiet. While unknowingly sipping my tea from an empty cup, my

eyes were glued at a far away blurry object. It was a restless feeling. A mirage had griped all my

attention. I closed my eyes and recalled my last 24 hours and there it was; the silent mystery of those

nine emails from a stranger. I rushed and entered my cabin, told my secretary not to let anyone disturb

me for the next 30 minutes. Locked my cabin; subconsciously I felt sinful about my excitement.

Email sender’s ID: *****

1st email: 11:39:55 PM

Subject: Hi to my ex-husband’s friend

How have you been? It’s been a long time. I hope you are okay.



My 1st reaction was like – wow! Who can it be? My friends I said and laughed for about few seconds

without even opening the other 8 emails from that wishful dame. And I kept wondering who must have

done this. My phone rang. I skipped a heartbeat and closed my eyes, answered the call. Guess what! It

was my secretary, asking me if I wanted to order a lunch. Was I day dreaming or what! Nearly felt like a

wishful king. I don’t know how a wishful king looks like but it felt strangely attractive to get an email

from a friend’s ex-wife.

I was on a different cloud the next day. Humming, dancing without music, whistling Bollywood tunes.

Now I badly wanted to trace this stranger. I started digging my emails. Failed! Wondered, how can I get

more information? I received an update on my phone from my secretary, “email sent, please check!”

That was it. I had completely forgotten to check the other 8 emails. How absentminded of me. Anyway!

One of her emails,


My ex-husband was a business-addict. Soon I realized he was mean and boring. I saw you for the 1st time

at our farmhouse. I was lonely in a pool and suddenly my thirsty eyes fell upon you, a sharply dressed

man, neatly trimmed beard and broad wide shoulders. My senses started burning in desire the moment

I saw you.

Another email

With husband for dinner but now he’s gone out, meeting, I’m alone again. Wish you were here.

Suddenly my phone gets another email: “Meet me in my husband’s office tonight. I’ll enter from the

back door, I’ve keys…

lets just breathe

We are now best friends and guess what!

Till date I am rich & happily unmarried with her…

(is this a fiction or fact, I don’t really know…)

One of the Booklists – India’s First Crowdsourced Library

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Management Ideas in Action Pramod Batra, Deepak Mahendru
Shirley Currer Bell
Concentration of Economic Power D. R. Pendse
The New Manager’s Handbook Brad Lee Thompson
Getting Things Done David Allen
Career Planning for Success Bhatia
Magical Book on Quicker Maths M. Tyra
Surely you’re joking Mr. Feynman Richard P. Feynman
Test your potential Brian O’Neill Liz O’Neill
Wuthering Heights Emily Bronte
Lonely Planet – India
Lonely Planet – Greece
Lonely Planet – France
South India
Digital Fortress Dan Brown
The Amber Room Steve Berry
The Associate John Grisham
The Fire Katherine Neville
Work Cathy Guisewite
10 Himachali Holidays Outlook Traveler
Jughead’s Double Digest Archie Comics
Jughead’s Double Digest Magazine Archie Comics
Best of Tehelka Vol. 4 Tehelka
Cat O’ Nine Tales Jeffrey Archer
The world according to Clarkson Jeremy Clarkson
The Hours Michael Cunningham
Orpheus Rising Bateman
The Oxford History of India Late Vincent A. Smith
A highlands Omnibus Angus Macvicar
Marathon Baba Girish Kohli
HEROES – Season – 2 Collector’s Edition Star World
The Electric Michelangelo Sarah Hall
The Area of Darkness V. S. Naipaul
The Folklore of Discworld Terry Pratchett
Animal Farm George Orwell <popular lit. series>
Adrian Mole from Minor to Major Sue Townsend
Raise high the roof of beam carpenters & Seymour J. D. Salinger
Shalimar The Clown Salman Rushdie
Out of Bounds Beverley Naidoo
The Affair by Lee Child, Dead Man’s Grip by Peter James, One Summer by David Baldacci Select Edition – Reader’s Digest
The Piano Tuner Daniel Mason
Under the Tuscan Sun Frances Mayes
Broken Music STING
Pigs in Heaven Barbara Kingsolver
A Tiny Bit Marvelous Dawn French
Mister God, This is Anna Fynn
The Testament of Gideon Mack James Robertson
Milroy the Magician Paul Theroux
The Accidental Ali Smith
Man and boy Tony Parsons
CHINAMAN Shehan Karunatilaka Mumbai Yes
Britain and Indian Nationalism: The Imprint of Amibiguity 1929-1942 D. A. Low Mumbai Yes
Begger’s Banquet Ian Rankin Mumbai Yes
Sylvia Plath Collected Poems Sylvia Plath , Ted Hughes Mumbai Yes
Graham Greene – The man within M Shelden Mumbai Yes
India’s Literary History: Essays on the Nineteenth Century Vasudha Dalmia, Stuart Blackburn Mumbai Yes
Philby KGB Master Philip Knightley Mumbai Yes
Why we want you to be Rich Donald Trump Mumbai Yes
George Orwell – After 1984 Alan Sandison Mumbai Yes
Dongri to Dubai S. Hussain Zaidi Mumbai Yes
BPO-Sutra : True Stories from India’s BPO and Call Centres Sudhindra Mokhasi Mumbai Yes
Geoffrey Boycott on Cricket Geoffrey Boycott Mumbai Yes
Wise & Otherwise Sudha Murthy Mumbai Yes
The Japanese Wife Kunal Basu Mumbai Yes
5o British Poets Mumbai Yes
The Ultimate Trivia Mumbai Yes
Graham Greene Collected Poems Mumbai Yes
The Last Party John Harris Mumbai Yes
Oscar Wilde Shierly Morley Mumbai Yes
Lucky Jim Kingley Amis Mumbai Yes
David Cooperfield Dickens Mumbai Yes
The Kite Runner Khaled Hosseini Mumbai Yes
On Beauty Zadie Smith Mumbai Yes
How I Braved Anu Aunty and Co-Founded A Million Dollar Company Varun Agarwal Mumbai Yes
How opal mehta got kissed got wild and got a life! Kaavya Viswanathan Mumbai Yes
The White Tiger Arvind Adiga Mumbai Yes
Some Faces of King Lear Collie Flahiff Mumbai Yes
Catcher in The Rye J.D. Salinger Mumbai Yes
The Godfather Mario Puzo Mumbai Yes
Word power made easy Norman Lewis Mumbai Yes
Brida Paulo Mumbai Yes
The Reluctant Fundamentalist Mohsin Hamid Mumbai Yes
collected poems of wilfred owen Mumbai Yes
Queen & I Sue Townsend Mumbai YesMalgudi Days R.K. Narayan Mumbai Yes
The Great Country Music Book Chet Hagan Mumbai Yes
Margrave Of The Marshes John Peel Mumbai Yes
Sydney Quest (Highflyers) Judy Allen Mumbai Yes
F.I.S.T. Joe Eszterhas Mumbai Yes
Seven Psychologies Edna Heidbreder Mumbai Yes
Tale of two cities Charles Dickens Mumbai Yes
Sumthing of a Mocktail Some Das Mumbai Yes
The Secret Rhonda Byrne Mumbai Yes
Love, Rather a bad idea Ritwik Malik Mumbai Yes
Karl, Aaj aur Kal Cyrus Brocha Mumbai Yes
Maximum City: Mumbai Lost & Found Suketu Mehta Mumbai Yes
Steve Jobs greatest second act history business Mumbai Yes
EM AND the big hoom Jerry Pinto Mumbai Yes
Fade to Black Paul Donnelley Mumbai Yes
Still Life A.S. Byatt Mumbai Yes
Wake Up Tim Pears Mumbai Yes
A Reader’s Guide to Charles Dickens Philip Hobsbaum Mumbai Yes
GOA Maria Aurora Couto Mumbai Yes
The Hanging Garden Ian Rankin Mumbai Yes
Robert Browning: The Poems, Volume 1 Mumbai Yes
Midnight’s Children Salman Rushdie Mumbai Yes
How to Talk to Anyone: 92 Little Tricks for Big Success in Relationships Leil Lowndes Mumbai Yes
But we miss you back Arjun Jhawar, Deepa Goyal Mumbai Yes
How to Be a Better Parent: No Matter How Badly Your Children Behave or How Busy You Are Cassandra Jardine Mumbai Yes
I only say this because I love you Deborah Tannen Mumbai Yes
Tristram Shandy Laurence Sterne and Alan Corre Mumbai Yes
Building Strong Brands David A. Aaker Mumbai Yes
Wilt in Nowhere Tom Sharpe Mumbai Yes
God Save Dork Sidin Mumbai Yes
Thug: The True Story of India’s Murderous Cult Mike Dash Mumbai Yes
The Murdoch Archipelago (Hardcover) Bruce Page Mumbai Yes
Shame Jasvinder Sanghera Mumbai Yes
It’s Your Life, What are You Going to Do with It?: Make Real Changes in Your Life Anthony Grant Mumbai Yes
Case Histories Kate Atkinson Mumbai Yes
A Certain Chemistry Mil Millington Mumbai Yes
Every Second Counts (Paperback) Lance Armstrong Mumbai Yes
Virginia Woolf : A Collection of Critical Essays Claire Sprague Mumbai Yes
In Arcadia Ben Okri Mumbai Yes
Bobby Dazzler Philip Collins Mumbai Yes
Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde Robert Louis Stevenson Mumbai Yes
Who Wrote the Bible? Richard Elliott Friedman Mumbai Yes
White Teeth Zadie Smith Mumbai Yes
Illict Moises Naim Mumbai Yes
Stay Sharp With The Mind Doctor: Practical Strategies to Boost Your Brain Power Ian Robertson Mumbai Yes
Marrying Anita Anita Jain Mumbai YesKahlil Gibran: His Life and World (Literature) Jean Gibran Mumbai Yes
Emotionally Weird Kate Atkinson Mumbai Yes
Infidelity for First-Time Fathers Mark Barrowcliffe Mumbai Yes
The Opposite Bastard Simon P Mumbai Yes
Nobody Nowhere: The Extraordinary Autobiography of an Autistic Donna Williams Mumbai Yes
Better: A Surgeon’s Notes on Performance Atul Gawande Mumbai Yes
Denis Waitley Denis Waitley Mumbai Yes Robert Spector Mumbai Yes
Making Babies Anne Enright Mumbai Yes
Difficulties with Girls Kingsley Amis Mumbai Yes
Difficult Conversations Douglas Stone Mumbai Yes
The Ripple Effect Dominic Holland Mumbai Yes
A big boy did it and ran away Christopher Brookmyre Mumbai Yes
Fifty Shades of Grey E. L. James Mumbai Yes
Babyji Abha Dawesar Mumbai Yes
Winners Stand Alone Paulo Coelho Mumbai Yes
Foot Tn The Grave BBC Books Mumbai Yes
Men are from mars women are from Venus John Gray Mumbai Yes
Chicken Soup For The Soul At Work
Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Henson,
Winning @ Call center — Madhukar Yadav
Fielding — Joseph Andrews
The Fan Club — Irving Wallace
Horses and Ponies — Granada
Water: Asia’s Environmental Imperative
Dondo Modern French Course
Desert of Salt: K R BUTLER
Chekhov Seven Stories
The Matarese Circle — Robert Ludlum
Freefall — William & Marilyn Hoffer
Conversations with God — Neale Donald Walsch
The Last Lecture — Randy Pausch
Tender Rebel — Johanna Lindsey
Diary of a Wimpy Kid — Jeff Kinney
Professor of Light — Marina Budhos
The Purpose Driven Life – Warren Zondervan
Man of My Dreams: Johanna Lindsey
Don’t Tell Alfred — Nancy Mitford
May I Hebb Your Attention Pliss — Arnab Ray
Zorba the Greek — Nikos Kazantzakis
Jane Fonda’s workout book — Jane Fonda
Stocks to Riches — Parikh
Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance: An Inquiry into Values
The Grandmother’s Tale — R.K. Narayan
Rogues and Players — Pauline BentleyWhite Star — James Thayer
Agatha Christie —Series
The Disdainful Marquis and The Abandoned Bride — Edith Layton
Dianetics — L. Ron Hubbard
The Famous Five — Enid Blyton – Series
The Burden of Proof — Scott Turow
Midnight Warrior by Iris Johansen
The Joy O f Selling — Michael Beer
The Nanny — Melissa Nathan
Pocket Puzzles — Sudoku Volume 2
The Raging of the Deep — Alfred Draper
Over to you — Ronald Dahl
How to have a Beautiful Mind — Edward de Bono
Living With Honour — Shiv Khera
Doctored Evidence — Donna Leon
A Stranger in The Mirror — Sidney Sheldon
Point of Purchase Design
Maverick — Ricardo Semler
Be Your Own Doctor
Rich Dad Poor Dad
A Dream Revisited
Photography YEAR 1980s Edition
Complete Guide to Running
Brighton Rock — Graham Greene
LOSER — Dipen AmbaliaThe Rumpole Collection
Original Sin — P D James
White Teeth — Zadie Smith
TINDERBOX – The Past and Fiture of Pakistan — M.J. Akbar
Capital Investment in Steel — Hogan
The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet’s Nest — Larsson
EM and the big Hoom — Jerry Pinto
The Big Idea Book for New Business Owners! — B Weltman
Confessor — John Gardner
How to convert a taxpayer into a tax saver — A.N. Shanbhag
Tales My Grand Mother Told Me — Translated from Bengali by Rina Pritish Nandy
Whitney My Love — Judith McNaught
The Third Deadly Sin
The Collectors — David Baldacci
The Forgoten
Superstar India — Shobhaa De
Sister of My Heart — Chitra B Divakaruni
The Palace of Illusions — Chitra B Divakaruni
The Conch Bearer — Chitra B Divakaruni
Right Here Right Now — Nikita Singh
Chowringhee — SANKAR
Second Thoughts — Shobhaa De
The Sculptor in Exile — Krishna Baldev Vaid
Steps in Darkness — Krishna Baldev VaidThe Broken Miror — Krishna Baldev Vaid
Inspector Rebus Novel Series — Ian Rankin
The Difficulty of Being Good: On the Subtle Art of Dharma — Gurcharan Das
Oleander Girl — Chitra B Divakaruni
The Casual Vacancy — J.K. Rowling
Love marriage — V.V. Ganeshananthan
If you are afraid of heights — Raj Kamal Jha
Parachutes & Kisses — Erica Jong
Essential History of American Art
The ABC Series – The Art, Books and Cinema — OSIAN’S
An Equal Music — Vikram Seth
Handbook for the positive revolution — Edward De Bono
Burn Anger Before It Burns You — J.P. VASWANI
Snacks for the soul — J.P. VASWANI
The World of Malgudi R K Narayan
How to speak fluently — Frank Jones
Too Hard To Handle — Anamika Mishra
The Twelfth Wife —Indu Sundaresan
Six Suspects — Vikas Swarup
Exit Music — Ian Rankin
Collected Essays — Graham Greene
Indianomix — Vivek Dehejia & Rupa Subramaniam
I am another you — Priya Kumar
The Yin and Yang of Organizations: Nancy Foy
Manik Bandopadhyay
Overload by Arthur Hailey
In High Places by Arthur Hailey
Airport by Arthur Hailey
Hotel by Arthur Hailey
The Final Diagnosis by Arthur Hailey
Papillion by Henri Charrière
Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll
Alexander: Child of a Dream
Ninety Two Days By Evelyn Waugh
Rumours by Freya North
Sleeping Arrangements by Sophie Kinsella
The Undomestic Goddess by Sophie Kinsella
A Spot of Bother by Mark Haddon
Map of the Invisible World by Tash Aw
The Casual Vacancy: J. K. Rowling
Batman Begins – Christopher Nolan, David S. Goyer
Something Dangerous By Penny Vincenzi
An Outrageous Affair by Penny Vincenzi
The Decision by Penny Vincenzi
The Execution of Sherlock Holmes – Donald Thomas
The Godfather by Mario Puzo
Into Temptation by Penny Vincenzi
The 6PM Slot by Naomi Datta
The Householder by Amitabha Bagchi
What are the Odds? By Graham Sharpe & Roger Schlaifer
Artemis Fowl: The Opal Deception
Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer
The Supernaturalist by Eoin Colfer
Stranger Than Fiction by Aubrey Malone
Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell by Susanna Clarke
The Devil Wears Prada by Lauren Weisberger
Caroline’s Sister by Sheila O’Flanagan
Stand by Me by Sheila O’Flanagan
How Will I Know? by Sheila O’Flanagan
Sheer Mischief by Jill Mansell
The Judge (A Paul Madriani Novel): Steve Martini
The Good Man Jesus and the Scoundrel Christ by Philip Pullman
Chasing Harry Winston by Lauren Weisberger
The Elephants In The Room by Anant Rangaswami
The Book of General Ignorance by John Lloyd & John Mitchinson
The Road to Gandolfo by Robert Ludlum – Italian Mysteries
The Feminine Mystique Betty Friedan (1963)
Twitchhiker by paul smith (How One Man Travelled the World by Twitter)
Special Places to stay in India – Alastair Sawday
The Girl Who Played with Fire by Stieg Larsson
Fire with fire by Naomi Wolf
The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown
The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown
Inferno (Robert Langdon, #4) by Dan Brown
Eragon (The Inheritance Cycle, #1) by Christopher Paolini
Death Comes to Pemberley by P.D. James
Love Always By Harriet Evans
A Secret Affair by Mary Balogh
Vamps & Tramps: New Essays by Camille Paglia
Last Night at Chateau Marmont by Lauren Weisberger
The Grand Plan to Fix Everything by Uma Krishnaswami
Strindberg: Plays: One – “The Father”, “Miss Julie”, and “The Ghost Sonata
Roget’s Thesaurus Of Synonyms And Antonyms by Peter Roget
Con Law by Mark Gimenez
Judge Dredo Annual 1985
Grindhouse: The Sleaze-Filled Saga of an Exploitation Double Feature by Quentin Tarantino, Robert Rodríguez
Just One Evil Act (Inspector Lynley, #18) by Elizabeth George
Mine Till Midnight – Lisa Kleypas
The Mysterious Flame of Queen Loana by Umberto Eco
The Vault (Inspector Wexford, #23) by Ruth Rendell
When I fall in love by Miranda Dickinson
Bad Mothers United by Kate Long
The Birth of Venus by Sarah Dunant
Turbulence by Samit Basu
Then we came to the end by Joshua Ferris
I Hate To Be Rude But…The Simon Cowell Book of Nasty Comments by Tony Cowell
Tin Fish by Sudeep Chakravarti
Henry and Joe by Anais Nin
Daily Mail Crossword Book Volume Seven
The Book of Useless Information by Keith Waterhouse / Richard Littlejohn
Notes from a Totally Lame Vampire by Tim Collins
Select Edition: Whiteout – Ken Follett, Paranoia by Joseph Finder, Rosie by Alan Titchmarsh, Web of Deceit by Glenn Meade
Gallop! A Scanimation Picture Book: Rufus Butler Seder
Backlash – The Undeclared War Against Women – Susan Faludi (The Pulitzer Prize-Winning Journalist)
The Bible for Children
Through The Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll
Lady Almina And The Real Downtown Abbey – The Countless of Carnarvon: The Lost Legacy of Highclere Castle
Kitchen Clinic by Charmaine D’Souza
Numbered Account by Christopher Reich
Big Book Of Crossword – Beginners to experts including novelty puzzles & Jumbo
(colourful book with lots of pictures)
Gradma’s Tales- Er. B.G. Ramesh
Noddy Classics – Noddy Goes To Toyland – Enid Blyton
Robinson Crusoe – Junior Classics
Black Beauty – Parragon Books (Children’s book)
Baalbharti – English – Standard Three
Panchatantra (The Crow and The Jackal & The Barber and The Saints)
Panchatantra – The Four Learned Brahmins/The Donkey Who Would Sing
Panchatantra in Hindi (Uloo aur hans / Saanp aur murkh Maendak)
Classic Storybook Collection: Fairies – Disney
The Invisible Ironman vs. Crimson Dynamo – Marvel
Horrid Henry’s Haunted House – Illustrated by Tony Ross
High School Musical 3 – Senior Year – Disney
Mr. Icy Cold & Other Stories – Enid Blyton
The Milkmaid and the Other Stories – Kohwai & Young
The Children’s Traffic Club
The Horror at Camp Jellyajam – Goosebumps – R.L. Stine
The Orchard Book of Favourite Stories and Poems – Margret Mayo
Beauty and The Beast – Disney‘s
High School Musical – Based on the Disney Channel Movie
Mowgli and the Jungle Animals – Disney Discovery
The Tooth Fairy – Igloo
Know All About the Zoo – Disney – Pixar
Champak (December 2011)
The Flint Heart – Katharine Paterson & John Paterson – Illustrated by John RocoDisney’s Wonderful world of Knowledge – Volume 2 (Natural wonders)
Last Christmas – Julia Williams
The Puffin Book of Christmas Stories
Twelve Days of Christmas – Trisha Ashley
Aladdin – Brown Watson
The Funny Tales of Tom & Jerry (5 Stories)
Do Look Out Noddy – Enid Blyton
Moral Stories – A Shepherd boy and The Wolf
The Enchanting World of Fairy Tales – Big book with lots of illustrations by Eric Kincaid
The Nancy Drew Note Books: The Hidden Treasures – Illustrated by Anthony Accardaoo
Love Story: (Not for kids)
Every Breath You Take – Judith McNaught
Book for a Dog Lover – A must read
The badness of king George – Fostering rescue dogs with the King of the Canines – Judith Summers
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