Beyond The Mask of Cricketing Glory

Recently I read Geoff Lemon’s spectacular piece ‘Hate to Love‘ on a mysterious case of Shame the Mighty Watson. It started as if it is just going to be how awful he has performed in the last few years and suddenly; their a u-turn in the article, reflecting to the humane side of one of Australia’s underrated all-arounders.

pushpendra pandya
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I have written sports articles about the games I have watched and there are times I too get emotional about certain players who go through something like how Shane Watson’s cricketing career and one of the other England player who was suffering from mental health issues. Think of Praveen Kumar, who was suffering from mental issues and throwing tantrums at players, umpires and pretty much everyone around; now that’s a difficult phase of any player and time can only be the healer; of course mentally players have to somehow try and break the negativities to reach the normalcy in whatever they could and team members and family need to be really patient with them.

Oftentimes, fans, teammates and others forget the mental aspect of players’ lives. Skill is great, not everything. The sportsmen go to helluva issues behind the glory of the game; yes, just like all of us. As a viewer what I see about the players, actors and news anchors; which only the television channel’s video camera shows me and from that planned bit if I am judging anyone and passing crass judgements is somewhat unfair. Somewhat? well, yes because just like by simply doing the scripted dialogue delivery, if any actors or actresses get awards and fame then in a way, they should be sporty enough to take bullet from the fans who’s paying to see them perform and who are supporting their respective teams.

When India won the Cricket 2011 at Wankhede Stadium Mumbai; like most of  you, I celebrated India’s world cup victory in my own way and it was just beyond my imagination. Slept at the Marine Drive till 12 noon the next day, police woke me up and asked me to leave from the queen’s necklace and why? Because I was busy in silence, speechless but smiling and was in a awe of seeing my team winning the Cricket world cup after 28 years since we last won in 1983 under the captaincy of Kapil Dev. I didn’t even eat that evening till the last ball was bowled and till that six from M S Dhoni sealed the victory for India.

I chased the last train after walking from Goregaon to Andheri because roads were jammed and everywhere else besides one part of Jogeshwari, cricket fans were in tears, dancing hysterically in joy. Inspite of my drunk state of mind I sprinted along the train and managed to get in the last train; banged my head because train had picked up its speed and everyone sitting the compartment stood after hearing the thud of my head against the door of the fast moving Mumbai local train.

My friend shouted my name loudly, thinking train killed me and I fell between tracks and platform; and after few seconds he heard me laughing loudly from the next compartment. I said, “bastard, I won’t die so easily; I am safe; see you at Churchgate; wake me up when we reach there. goodnight”

Yo, Aamir Khan, I just got a bit carried away and this happened…


Sab se pehle big mighty fucking round of applause for Heart Rajan, for bringing this shit in public.

I personally didn’t like what happened during 3 Idiots but I was chutiya enough not to do anything about the Chetan Bhagat book adaptation controversy. Anyway! Her’s my point; it is good to educate the world about various issues using your public image; however, targeting controversial yet an iconic artists like AIB is severe. Yes, freedom of fucking expression? Dude, remember this KRK chap? he is just speaking his mind and why he there’s no action against him?

Because he didn’t call any celebs name in a mighty sold out open roast gig but on youtube. If you want to play fair about freedom of expression; why biases?

Be it AIB, Kapil Sharma or fucking Chris Rock; rule should be clear and there’s something for adults, should be taken as adults not dolts or just don’t be bunch of wimpy assholes.

It doesn’t take too long to know anyone as they say, well, it does sometimes, if you are not able to see what’s right in front of you. No, I don’t wish to compare it with blindness, that’s different. Just because someone gets success in Bollywood but that doesn’t give anyone rights to show pinky or any other finger to upcoming and talented; self made artists. That’s just absurd, especially when you know, you are made this youth ki awaaz dude, play it fair, man.

Actors should be what they are, alright. I mean Amit-ji? His commentary during India vs. Pakistan was a marketing stunt but then that man knows where to draw a line. Opinions are great but sometime we all just get little carried away, look at me here. ;)

Broken News by Amrita Tripathi — Witty, Interesting and Brutally Honest

I just finished reading ‘Broken News’ by Amrita Tripathi. Didn’t take long to finish it and why! Precisely because it seemed like someone was telling me things that had had happened in my life. I am really thankful to Akshay Iyer, who donated this book to our crowd sourced library.

“A man may live after losing his life but not after losing his honour.”

There hasn’t been many books that I have finished reading within a couple of days and still feel to re-read them again, until I read this one.

One of the reasons why It hit me so fast and impact was perfect because I was perhaps going through something similar professionally. It was like she was talking my mind from a a woman’s perspective.

It is written so well that at no point a reader will get lost. It happens to my many a times, where story is nice and grippy initially but then after 100 pages; I am nowhere and then the plot completely kills me with confusions. Yes, perhaps it has got something to do with my low span of attention but not all the time, but talk about it some other day.

I hope this is a real story, of course, blended with bit of fictional masala but it has to be real. Not sure what exactly happens in media, this seems something that can happen to any of us.

What the author’s trying to say, well, I wouldn’t know, really but Broken News is a tragic, witty and filled with deft sarcasm. The darkness of the plot didn’t bother me because “been there, done ….” sort of feeling, it clicked well. I looked at the book cover and really, I was all like, yeah chic-lit but then within few 50 odd pages down I was proven wrong with some serious writing, clearly poured from heart of someone who’s been in the industry for a long enough to write something as hard-hitting as this.

Am I patronizing to much here? Not really, I would surely recommend this book because it is worth it. I am glad that Ms. Tripathi has not kept it too long because it’s good this way, short, interesting and hilariously honest.

Broken News by Amrita Tripathi  picture courtesy: santa banta
Broken News by Amrita Tripathi
picture courtesy: santa banta

PS: If she ever decide to make a 2nd book on the similar plot, which seems unlikely then my life’s story will be apt considering it has many controversies and insane twists; again, that’s a different perhaps I’ll write it myself adding bit of fictional names and all; or maybe I will tell it the way it is. Will be a bigger controversy. Of course it will help me to get my mileage but then who wants such a racket anyway. Fame is not everything as they say, eh! ;)

PPS: I liked the Janki’s character in the book, if she’s a real person then there’s a god, somewhere ….”

Thank you

Is love only about hurtful things and mere happiness?

To be in love, you just need to feel the love. Poem, letters and other forms of expressions depends upon the thoughtfulness of the lovers. Those who read lovers and thought why ‘lovers’ and not a ‘lover’, well, that is how it has been in my life hence the plural form, in stead of the usual cliche of having just one lover all your life. What does that make me, you certainly may decide and feel free to let me know.

I remember, climbing on a third floor of one of my lover’s balcony to give her a sandwich. She was having going through her premenstrual tension and I was aware of the fact that she is in a different state of mind and in a lot of pain. Idea was to make her forget the pain but that’s difficult I guess. It was a risky ploy to make her feel better but then; I thought—what will happen at the most? She’ll get mad at me, tell me things in anger? I promised myself that i will not react.

It all now of course sounds unbelievable and a total filmy jazz, yes it does but it is always between a lovers. Such things stay with you and your lover for a very long time. I think the madness was worth it. There is always something that you can do to make your partner happy, but then;

Is love only about the happiness?

It is not. It is about fine tuning with your partners choices.

What if partner is too demanding?

You still go ahead and try to match with it up to a certain level but then, if your partner’s wish is to bury everything you ever want to or like to do—be careful. Come out of that shit. Nobody need love from anyone who simply can’t let you live the way you want. Who can’t let you be yourself and anyone who tells you love is all about sacrifices; take the advice but do not fool yourself.

Of course, lovers will remain for good reasons and many things will remind them about each other; you sometimes might feel, it is good that we didn’t get married because, like The Legendary Bellamy Bothers say – lovers live longer”.

Honestly, I can go on writing about love and other elements that I personally have lived, observed and shared.

Please Note: My lovers, if you are reading my blog, that I am sure you are, rest assured; our dirty little secrets will remain ours, always.

Ernest Hemingway — ‘The most painful thing is losing yourself in the process of loving someone too much, and forgetting that you are special too.’

Why equal reward is necessary for women at workplace?

The other day while I was going through random links I came across to an Article from New York Times titles “Madam CEO., Get me a coffee. Initially I just read and then suddenly after few paragraphs I stopped. Seemed like Deja vu; where was it? I wondered. This happened somewhere before, I was there and I know what they are saying. I was tongue-tied and uneasy because I was not bale to gather when and how and other things.

I started reading further and my conclusion was that many women who work relentlessly do not get rewarded. The intent was to highlight male dominance at workplace precisely. Yes, it was targeted towards workplace but wise person would get the hint that was more besides the workplace culture across the world—and not just in United States  of America. In my professional career 95% of times my bosses were women and if anyone asks me whether I prefer having women as my boss’s undoubtedly I say, of course; because you not only learn about work-work but life and how to mutli-task without making big deal of it. YES! That’s how it is in most cases.

Now while I am writing this unpopular post of mine; there these voices echoing in my head saying, do you know so sound like one of those feminists? Do I? I don’t know. I don’t know who are these feminist people. I keep hearing about them so often People use this word so loosely that it must have lost it’s essence I guess. Anyway, the crux of the matter here is that we all get 24 hours per day then why discriminate in terms of rewarding? Leave it or take it, many women are indeed smarter and they provide immense support to the foundation of team. These women should be rewarded and should be valued—not their efforts must not be ignored.

It is likely that there could be ego issues regardless of boss is a man, woman or anyone. Now such issues are bound to occur and I personally think there’s no escape from it but to tune the wavelength of understanding. Not hinting the much hyped notion that everybody dislikes their bosses. NO! There are some boss’s who are absolutely gem and you just know that they belong there, right at top—sitting in a comfy cabin but all that comes with a price and more importantly with responsibilities. Unlike an individual, bosses have to be ahead of everyone in terms of everything. Not to flaunt their authority but to guide and lead the team. I am indeed so fortunate that I have worked under such influential bosses.

How my lady co-workers surprised me ?

- It motivates her professionally and she even works harder

- Personally, women handle daily chores besides working and in that case, every member of the family is somewhere or the other, dependent on women—from morning tea to dinner. Women’s reward at work uplifts her spirit, adds to her self-esteem and influences many lives because women are pillar of the family. I have three sisters, 4 cousin sisters and massive number of friends who work so I know. I just know because I observe and work with many women around at workplace so I think I am in a position to tell you that the mileage of these workplace reward—which women deserve, should be given timely; not necessarily in a monetarily always but appreciation by some kind words or telling the team how great professional she is and how her contribution adding value to team’s performance. Sometimes these little rewards is all they need, not much. And let me assure you, little thank you notes or round of applause helps.

So if you notice your co-workers discriminating against men or women please address the issue to management. Seek solution, where you are not just into virtual world. Have a real conversation over coffee, try to resolve it.  If you think your ego is not letting you take that step, seek help from HR person or any other senior member from your team. Preferably someone who’s not from your department because intervention from other team is often non-judgmental and fair.

When you see any lade colleague going out of her way or doing any good job; appreciate her. It wouldn’t hurt even if you can make her a nice cup of coffee, even machine coffee is alright—it’s not about taste of that coffee but a thought, that you are valuing her presence and contribution towards team. Please maintain a line of diplomacy and also do your bit of work because though the idea of appreciating good performance at workplace by women is noble, you got to understand and that at the end of the day, we all get paid for the position we are hired for and everything is just bonus.

I am too sleepy to Google some quote from Google but let me share something which my female co-workers had once  done to make me feel like one of the coolest person from their team. Tell I date it means a lot and I’ll always remember them for their thoughtfulness. Women too deserve good treatment for being what they are. I thank you all of them for making me be this person who I am today.

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Please Note: This is a last post. Tweeples may choose anyone book that they wish to read. I’ll bring it along.

Thank you Netra