Yuvak Vachnalay — A Pledge to Educate Village Youth

India’s First Crowd Sourced Library is helping Yuvak Vachnalay to crowd source books for this library. It is located in Bhuigaon (village), Vasai, India. Tribal kids and youth are hardworking and curious lot; a little bit of motivation can make them self-sufficient.

Mr. Dabre, Ignatius and other members of the Yuvak Vachanalay is helping tribal women, youth, kids and senior citizens to read books in Marathi and English. It has amazing collection of Marathi literature and English books. I am trying to source as many as 10,000 books for Yuvak Vachnalay.


Yuvak library charges 100 rupees yearly for Tribal people in Bhuigaon village in Vasai. Idea is to get them more books, especially English and Marathi.

Why India’s First Crowdsourced Library is helping tribal village in Bhuigaon, Vasai?

Answer: We want to save the real book reading experience. City folks are facing space shortage for books and many are opting for a digital reading format. My intent is to save the books and direct them to less fortunate areas of rural India to motivate hardworking, knowledge hungry youth and others.


What CSL & how does it function?

Answer: CSL means Crowd sourced library. It simply means books collected from the people. I.e. donated books; for the people.

How do we reach readers outside Vasai?

Answer: We have an active Facebook and Twitter presence, anyone who wishes to read can drop a line and I’ll get back to them. I personally go and deliver for free for those who can’t afford. I request my readers if they can opt for multiple book titles so that my time and traveling cost can be saved.

How much do we charge?

Answer: It is 250 rupees for month. I deliver books right to your doorstep, only on weekends. Those who can’t afford, I give them for free.

What do we utilize library subscription fees?

Answer: We are setting up our 1st official crowd sourced library where readers can sit and read their books. We are collecting funds for it. We need to set up bookshelves and racks; we are trying to find in OLX, Quickr and flea markets for those as well. Plus when a donor from let us say, Navy Nagar or Opera House donates, which usually are between 200 to 800 books; we use subscription fees to hire monthly vehicle which can carry up to 5000 + books. Saves time, money and hassle of repetitive visits.

Where else is our presence?

Answer: Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad and soon spreading in other places like Pune, Gujarat and Sri Lanka as well.

How does one contact Crowdsourced Library Representatives?

Answer: You can either call the founder, Pushpendra on +91 – 9819181219, email him on: fillyy at gmail dot com or leave a message on Facebook:

 Why we do not have a website like before?

Answer: Earlier we had a sponsor and honestly maintaining a website is a hassle as the founder is technically challenged; and doesn’t know the HTML coding, neither can we afford to hire considering NGO like set up but we are working on a plan; we should soon have a full time team for it. Till then please contact via above given options.

Media Coverage and other milestones:

Books donated by Shohini to Crowdsourced Library 04/05/2015

Books donated by Shohini – click to download list

Thank you Shohini for donating these precious books to crowdsourced library. Shohini is one of our the youngest book donors. She is a long distance marathoner, enjoys reading and cycling.

Work Cathy Guisewite
10 Himachali Holidays Outlook Traveler
Jughead’s Double Digest Archie Comics
Jughead’s Double Digest Magazine Archie Comics
Best of Tehelka Vol. 4 Tehelka
Cat O’ Nine Tales Jeffrey Archer
The world according to Clarkson Jeremy Clarkson
The Hours Michael Cunningham
Orpheus Rising Bateman
The Oxford History of India Late Vincent A. Smith
A highlands Omnibus Angus Macvicar
Marathon Baba Girish Kohli
HEROES – Season – 2 Collector’s Edition Star World
The Electric Michelangelo Sarah Hall
The Area of Darkness V. S. Naipaul
The Folklore of Discworld Terry Pratchett
Animal Farm George Orwell Adrian Mole from Minor to Major Sue Townsend
Raise high the roof of beam carpenters & Seymour J. D. Salinger
Shalimar The Clown Salman Rushdie
Out of Bounds Beverley Naidoo
The Affair by Lee Child, Dead Man’s Grip by Peter James, One Summer by David Baldacci Select Edition – Reader’s Digest
The Piano Tuner Daniel Mason
Under the Tuscan Sun Frances Mayes
Broken Music STING
Pigs in Heaven Barbara Kingsolver
A Tiny Bit Marvelous Dawn French
Mister God, This is Anna Fynn
The Testament of Gideon Mack James Robertson
Milroy the Magician Paul Theroux
The Accidental Ali Smith
Man and boy Tony Parsons

The Innocence of Summer Love — 1

Long time ago, there were two friends. Jehu and Binky. Both were crazy about stone skipping. It was raining heavily that day and Jehu didn’t go to school. He waited for a long, long time for Binky. She didn’t return… Jehu was tired and he fell asleep under the banyan tree with few chipped tiles in his pockets.

His idea of surprising his best friend Binky didn’t go well. After few hours, Binky returned with two squirrels in her tiny bicycle basket.

She quickly ran to Jehu, hiding and holding little baby squirrels for him. Jehu was a bit disappointed because his best friend didn’t come to meet him after school. She smiled and told him— “I know, I also wanted to surprise you, I was chasing these little monsters for you. Now you better smile or else I’ll have to put these squirrels in your shirt.

Being A Woman (Quae Mulier) by Shweta Khanna

How often do I wish to write book reviews? Not as much as I would like to because as soon as I am reading one I already have five to eight other already in my mind.  I get paranoid at times thinking how slow I am reading this particular book and when will I’ll finish this and start reading that book which I wanted; and the other one and it goes like for weeks, months and years. Today I want to share few bits about Shweta Khanna’s – Being A woman (Quae mulier).

It is about how a woman feels about being a woman. Yes, cliche if you ask me in a way because many have already written so much about ‘being a woman’ that even when someone reads anything like this, it is likely they might reckon “ah, this again” we already have read about it. Now I don’t want to sound unnecessarily polite or anything like that but my first impression was that, this too will be somewhat same and what women go through and how they take life head-on and become an inspiration for everyone around them.

Inside Stories – Author's Ink Literary Awards
Picture Courtesy: Inside Stories – Author’s Ink Literary Awards

Well, first I wanted to know what does Quae mulier mean in latin but then I gave up thinking sometimes it’s better if you just go with the flow. Indeed not that smart y’see. Anyway, so then, I started enjoying my orange tang and started reading. The beginning was something that I had expected till I reached the page number 10. 23 Springs — I was unable to flip the page ahead and I was just reading, re-reading and was lost in the entire gruesomeness of the  Nibhaya incident that shook not only Delhi, India or just Asia but in a way—The World. I was disturbed by merely reading few lines and the entire chapter and tormenting media reports of the 16th December gangrape in the bus. Nirbhaya’s friend who tried to save her was also beaten and thrown out of the bus without clothes; in the chilly December winter, those mindless dolts killed not only Nirbhaya but showed each of us that how someone can even be so ruthless and evil.

Delhi is known for such heinous acts and now slowly such horrendous harassment, eve-teasing and rape cases are everywhere across the world; who’s feeling brunt of it? —— Women

Delhi is India’s capital and therefore should have stricter laws to punishments. Well, point is valid however, to change mental attitude or mental illness, changing laws is only a part of the solution. There should be education to grownups just as much as we try to educate our kids, teenagers and everyone else. I keep hearing, women should learn self-defence, martial arts and carry pepper spray; alright — yes, these are measures to protect women.

How about shaping men’s approach while teaching and educating them on;

how to respect a woman seminar?  ( my dear blog readers, I ain’t the saint but we all learn from the experiences and hence expecting many will learn)

how to behave properly in public especially women are around?

what not to tell a women, regardless of how angry, annoyed, confused or jealous you are? What happens when you abuse; impact on children?

why you respect your mother & sisters, but not others? Should conduct a street play with flash mob

why do men abuse about the person who they themselves respect the most —(abusive words referring to sister, mother and women’s body parts) Maa-Behen-Gaaliyaan? There are so many better ways to argue — should conduct seminar and educate people about it.

I know I might be drifting from the topic here but the whole point was that reading Shweta Khanna’s — Being a Woman; inspire me to write this post on my not-so-popular blog to tell all women who I have ever met and all women who have known me in whatever ways; I don’t care who’s superior men, women or any other gender for that matter; no one deserves to be treated badly; each one needs space and we must strive to support each other in whatever ways we can. If women can clean up the house, dishes and still manages to go to office on time; she should be given equal rights to breath freely when she wants without making scene whenever she goes to meet her friends, family members or even when she wants to go travel by herself—let her be the woman she wants to be; the woman she once was; free-spirited, happy and stress-free from all the other responsibilities that she usually handles effortlessly.

My dear fellow (so called men) humans, we must understand what women are letting go so many things for us. Many women bury all their happiness just to keep everything okay at home. Oh you are a well-read man, who knows women are naturally gifted to do multiple tasks; well, in that case, you must also be understanding, thankful and considerate about—

what women deserves, needs and wants?

Small things such as respect, appreciation, smile, acknowledgement and witty conversation. (I am just saying least minimum) But all this better be subtle, timely and sincere not some Google-magic lines because no matter smart we think we are; women can see through us after sometime; so be simple but as real as possible; she’ll appreciate that and you’ll earn trust that way. How do I know all this, not that’s something I’ll share it soon.

I thank you for sticking here till so long.

You can purchase Being A Woman (Quae Mulier) by Shweta Khanna ‘s thought-provoking poetic tribute to Adi Durga and her homage to Nirbhaya.

Beyond The Mask of Cricketing Glory

Recently I read Geoff Lemon’s spectacular piece ‘Hate to Love‘ on a mysterious case of Shame the Mighty Watson. It started as if it is just going to be how awful he has performed in the last few years and suddenly; their a u-turn in the article, reflecting to the humane side of one of Australia’s underrated all-arounders.

pushpendra pandya
Post image courtesy Getty Images,

I have written sports articles about the games I have watched and there are times I too get emotional about certain players who go through something like how Shane Watson’s cricketing career and one of the other England player who was suffering from mental health issues. Think of Praveen Kumar, who was suffering from mental issues and throwing tantrums at players, umpires and pretty much everyone around; now that’s a difficult phase of any player and time can only be the healer; of course mentally players have to somehow try and break the negativities to reach the normalcy in whatever they could and team members and family need to be really patient with them.

Oftentimes, fans, teammates and others forget the mental aspect of players’ lives. Skill is great, not everything. The sportsmen go to helluva issues behind the glory of the game; yes, just like all of us. As a viewer what I see about the players, actors and news anchors; which only the television channel’s video camera shows me and from that planned bit if I am judging anyone and passing crass judgements is somewhat unfair. Somewhat? well, yes because just like by simply doing the scripted dialogue delivery, if any actors or actresses get awards and fame then in a way, they should be sporty enough to take bullet from the fans who’s paying to see them perform and who are supporting their respective teams.

When India won the Cricket 2011 at Wankhede Stadium Mumbai; like most of  you, I celebrated India’s world cup victory in my own way and it was just beyond my imagination. Slept at the Marine Drive till 12 noon the next day, police woke me up and asked me to leave from the queen’s necklace and why? Because I was busy in silence, speechless but smiling and was in a awe of seeing my team winning the Cricket world cup after 28 years since we last won in 1983 under the captaincy of Kapil Dev. I didn’t even eat that evening till the last ball was bowled and till that six from M S Dhoni sealed the victory for India.

I chased the last train after walking from Goregaon to Andheri because roads were jammed and everywhere else besides one part of Jogeshwari, cricket fans were in tears, dancing hysterically in joy. Inspite of my drunk state of mind I sprinted along the train and managed to get in the last train; banged my head because train had picked up its speed and everyone sitting the compartment stood after hearing the thud of my head against the door of the fast moving Mumbai local train.

My friend shouted my name loudly, thinking train killed me and I fell between tracks and platform; and after few seconds he heard me laughing loudly from the next compartment. I said, “bastard, I won’t die so easily; I am safe; see you at Churchgate; wake me up when we reach there. goodnight”

Yo, Aamir Khan, I just got a bit carried away and this happened…


Sab se pehle big mighty fucking round of applause for Heart Rajan, for bringing this shit in public.

I personally didn’t like what happened during 3 Idiots but I was chutiya enough not to do anything about the Chetan Bhagat book adaptation controversy. Anyway! Her’s my point; it is good to educate the world about various issues using your public image; however, targeting controversial yet an iconic artists like AIB is severe. Yes, freedom of fucking expression? Dude, remember this KRK chap? he is just speaking his mind and why he there’s no action against him?

Because he didn’t call any celebs name in a mighty sold out open roast gig but on youtube. If you want to play fair about freedom of expression; why biases?

Be it AIB, Kapil Sharma or fucking Chris Rock; rule should be clear and there’s something for adults, should be taken as adults not dolts or just don’t be bunch of wimpy assholes.

It doesn’t take too long to know anyone as they say, well, it does sometimes, if you are not able to see what’s right in front of you. No, I don’t wish to compare it with blindness, that’s different. Just because someone gets success in Bollywood but that doesn’t give anyone rights to show pinky or any other finger to upcoming and talented; self made artists. That’s just absurd, especially when you know, you are made this youth ki awaaz dude, play it fair, man.

Actors should be what they are, alright. I mean Amit-ji? His commentary during India vs. Pakistan was a marketing stunt but then that man knows where to draw a line. Opinions are great but sometime we all just get little carried away, look at me here. ;)