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The Bad Boys Guide To The Good Indian Girl

It’s been a long that I have posted any book review. So Mrs. Blend shared a brilliantly written book called The Bad Boys Guide To The Good Indian Girl written by Annie Zaidi and Smriti Ravindra . I really thought of sparing bit of time and contributing for this book.

The Bad Boys Guide To The Good Indian Girl Author: Smriti Ravindra, Annie Zaidi

The Bad Boys Guide To The Good Indian Girl
Author: Smriti Ravindra, Annie Zaidi, picure courtesy:

Started reading with lots of assumptions considering the subject of the book but I was proved wrong. Overall I was zapped by this wonderfully written series of short stories.

How this will help INDIAN men to understand INDIAN women better:

There are times where there’s absolutely no reason to worry, you have to let woman be themselves and wait until she tells. If it takes longer, ask. Do not jump into guns. Just like I did before reading this book, I made classic mistake, judged it before reading it. Asking solves many unwanted issues. Makes communication easier.

Just like men, women too have desires and it needs to be accepted without labeling them. Please refrain. We all lust about opposite sex and some, even about same sex.

Definition of fun is pretty much the same for men and women but it’s the way how men and women approach varies.

Book talks about how school girl tackles issues from her childhood days and carries on those views as she grows until something really serious or life changing incident shakes a woman’s mind.

Typically book has more to give than its in your face title. I really recommend this book to all men. My humble request to all men and women to gift this book to others to maintain better harmony in women’s and of course men’s life.

Why I Love Sunday Morning Radio Classics?

For over two decades I have been listening to Sunday morning radio. Needless to say I have a special place for classics and country music. No matter how rest six days of the week goes but this is the time where I am the happiest.


It was an unforgettable era of adorable innocent lyrics, soothing vocals and phenomenal music. There were many hurdles such as handful of instruments, lack of opportunity to perform, funds to support band members but those elements didn’t deter artists to produce everlasting melodies. Besides what is life without struggle? I reckon perhaps these are the reasons why artists of the golden era were able to write and play some of the greatest hits ever.

Personally in my family only my father used to listen to English music and rest enjoyed Bollywood classics, folk songs and Gazals. My interested peaked when I started meeting friends at the choir singing. They used to play oldies and sing. It startled me and till date I am thankful to all those friends who opened the window of amazing English classics.





Image above is of my first ever country concert -

The Bellamy Brothers Live In Concert at Willingdon Catholic Gymkhana, Mumbai, India

Here are some of my favorite Sunday Morning Radio Classics

  • Carl Perkins – Blue Suede Shoes
  • Bobby Darin – Dream Lover
  • Chuck Berry – School Days
  • Connie Francis – Lipstick On Your Collar
  • Top of the world – Carpenters
  • Johnny Cash – I Walk The Line
  • James Taylor – You’ve Got A Friend
  • Fats Domino – Blueberry Hill
  • Dreamin – Johnny Burnette
  • My Little Runaway – Del Shannon
  • Traveling Wilburys – Walk Away (Sung By Del Shannon)
  • Carpenters – Why do birds suddenly appear
  • Save the last dance for me – The Drifters
  • Frankie Lymon & The Teenagers – Why Do Fools Fall In Love
  • Why Do Fools Fall In Love – Diana Ross
  • Sister Act – I Will Follow Him
  • Bobby Darin – Dream Lover

You may download these classics and more from either Mp3Skull or from Audiopoisk


The Impact of Social Media Influencers on Brands

fans screaming - Is your brand influencer making your fans scream?

fans screaming – Is your brand influencer making your fans scream?

In the spectrum of social media creativity is stimulated by rock-solid competition, thus, it has stormed staggering results and scored appreciation from all over. These results are greatly influenced by these fan favorites such Salman Khan, Sachin Tendulkar, Amitabh Bachan and teen sensations like Justin Bieber.

Gema Molina - Brand Influencers

Gema Molina – Brand Influencers

Following are some of the most commonly asked questions about the role and responsibilities of social media influencers on brands.

  • How does a brand locate the right influencer? Give example
  • Gain customers’ attention
  • Earn customers’ trust
  • Recognize customers’ mind set and customize market strategy
  • Offer what customers need, and initially, refrain from selling directly < Educate customers with brand’s core idea
  • Listen to your customer before bombarding them with solutions – it’s indirectly giving lead to your competitors hence refrain from such a fuzzy ploy

Example: Salman Khan for Thums Up, Amitabh Bachan for Gujarat Tourism

  • Why one must approach brand influencer?

-          Quite bluntly to SELL but in the wraps of cozy marketing blanket to fulfill customers’ needs and to understand customers from ground level.

Scott Cook on Brand Influence

Scott Cook on Brand Influence

A brand’s usage hugely relies on the end-result. Take for an instance Bollywood heartthrob Salman Khan telling the world about Revital. Quite understandably Salman Khan Looks youthful (even at 40+ Age) with daring, ‘full of life’ and masculine personality. Therefore, Coca-cola is saying, ‘you don’t need to be 18 to feel you are physically and mentally young, and thus, anyone can become as macho as Salman Khan by just consuming Revital as prescribed.    

  • What is the best example of brand influencer’s shift without damaging the existing image? 

-          Ranbaxy has quite smartly shifted their brand influencer from flamboyant world-cup hero Yuvraj Singh to Salman Khan without shifting brand image.

  • How many brand influencer(s) a company should have?

-          Well it depends if you are a brand like ‘Thums Up’ then one is sufficient. However, if you are someone like BCCI than you can have as many as you please. Because in India Cricket is a religion (overrated game & clichéd quote) and we are quite happy to follow our game, regardless of the brand influencer for our beloved game of Cricket.

  • Why brand like Coca-cola shifted from Akshay Kumar to Salman Khan for Thums up?

-          As a brand influencer, Salman Khan was always (as it appears) Coca-Cola’s favorite brand influencer but bearing controversies of 2000, company approached Akskay Kumar. Even though Salman Khan was associated with Cola’s competitor Pepsi with Mountain Dew, Coca-Cola re- considered Salman for charitable activities’ blanket joining hands with Salman Khan’s Charity ‘Being Human’. –          This seems obvious considering Salman Khan has a massive fan following across various realms of Social media and recently he was honored as ‘The King of Social Media’ during Zee Cine Awards 2012. This proves Coca-Cola’s forward-thinking insights about their brand influencers.    (Courtesy: Google Images)

Pushpendra Pandya

Founder: India’s First Crowd Sourced Library

Light Up Rural India: Gift A Smile — Selflessly !!!

Have you ever seen a little girl running behind an air-plane cruising above the grounds of her tiny isolated village which is still untouched by the electricity? And for some funny reasons India is being compared with China and other upcoming nations. I only wonder in what parameters we are daring to make such heartbreaking comparisons.


Oh wait, let me rethink, perhaps by looking at the progress and stakes from the cities of India such as Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkatta, Pune, Chennai and others?

So how do they visualize such dream of making India better than other progressive countries like China etc. (who am I kidding, only comparing things with China— no matter what) by the amount of business that particular city generates from the investment made towards the cities’ developments.

  • Metros in Mumbai?
  • Roads & Transportation with hi-tech facilities — remember New Delhi Indira Gandhi International Airport’s Terminal — 3?
  • Indian grand Prix circuit location, Buddh International Circuit?
  • New Stadiums in Pune?

Promoting sports is excellent but aren’t we missing forest for the trees here? What daunts me the most is behind the glitters of Bollywood, Cricket and the Big 3s (Sharukh, Sachin & Salman) of India — the real face of Rural India is getting buried just as we speak.

Well, I can go on like that forever, but the point is comparing the ‘nation to nation’ and not just ‘cities with cities’. Why do they forget the rural India? In schools we were told that 70% of India’s population is located in rural India then aren’t they getting basic things.

02 01

Youth which is considered one of the main source can’t study after sunset, women who run small scale set work gets halted, family can’t have their dinner and do other basic things post evening in the fear of snakes and other dangerous insects at night ———you must be wondering why?

Well, BREAKING NEWS — 80,000 villages lack electricity connection & approx 300,000 villages do not have electricity for more than 5-6 hours daily.

  • What is solution of this darkness?
  • How it can be solved?

Long story short, Light Up Rural India is a stand to spark ray of hope to bring prosperity and happiness in India’s rural areas is by using Solar Lanterns.  This is our chance to make our fellow Indians’ lives better by doing our bits for them.


Well, they say sometimes it’s just the thought that counts but these villages definitely need help and having thought alone might not just make their dream of living happily in a normal life becomes impossible.

From of the following ways you can support the Light Up Rural India Campaign

1. Blog (write) about the – Light Up Rural India Campaign

2. Why one needs to donate solar lanterns and light up rural India?

3. Spread information about the distribution campaign conducted in Mumbai on the 26th Oct. 2013

Utilize one Sunday for your beloved Mother Land — India

If you wish to support “Light Up Rural India” to light up 1 lakhs homes in Rural India. You may just come along with your friends for the distribution campaign on 26th October 6-8pm at Ravindra Natya Mandir, Dadar, Mumbai, India

Some of achieved milestones

  • In just 3 months Households Impacted 550 2200+ Villagers Impacted
  • Villages Lit Up 10
  • 3 States [Maharashtra, Gujarat, Uttarakhand
  • 1000s of Rupees saved from not using Kerosene
  • Offset 55,000 kilograms of Greenhouse Gas Emissions
    • 5x-10x brighter than kerosene

What does this Campaign help Rural India?

  • Villagers get to spend productive time hence addition to overall progress.
  • Students can study better and achieve better milestones hence better opportunities.
  • Women empowerment with extended working hours – solves employment issues in family.
  • Money saved from kerosene expenses which are usually used for lights hence better utilization of money and encouragement to other productive activities.
  • Energy saving with conversion from kerosene to Solar
  • Less snake bites as villagers now have facility of portable light / night lamp
  • Farmers & villagers can freely walk through the village roads and farms without worrying about any danger.
  • New enhanced standard of living for rural India

Watch the inspiring video here:

Also visit here for complete one stop shop guide:

You may share these information with your respective social and professional networks and educate your beloveds to fulfil their social responsibility.

Your Single LIKE Click on Facebook  would be appreciated:

Follow to know the progress via Twitter here :

The Cutting Room by Louise Welsh

This is unlike me. I am up early by 4:15 AM. Fresh and trying to remember why I am not sleeping. What do people do when they wake up early? Right now there are two things that are making noises are my computer’s CPU & odd screaming silence.

I posted ‘Class of 84’ (part-1) review but I know it was due for longer. Besides I have sent my work (my upcoming book) to one of the publishers and they have replied as well. Let’s see how it turns out.

I am reading ‘The Cutting Room’ by Louise Welsh and the thing is the novel is intensely written that even after weeks I am still stuck around 150 odd pages.


Now I know I am a slow and a lazy reader (sometimes) but that’s a different story. I love this book and it is one of the best books that I have read from a Scottish author. I can’t imagine this was Louise Welsh’s debut novel. Although it has won many awards I still would recommend to anybody who hasn’t yet found a reason to read and precisely for those who are yet unfortunate to read any form of a crime fiction. Yes even I had ignored it initially but now I am glad that I have spared a thought and now here I am  praising its glory to the world. Happily!

The Cutting Room is witty, thrilling and insanely mysterious. I love the character of Rose in the novel. The next book that I am going to read is another Scottish crime prodigy Black and Blue by Ian Rankin, yes, Inspector Rebus novel again. I am excited about it. 

Class of 84 — Part – 1

I missed this a lot but here we are again so hello to all my lovely readers;

Today I would like to tell you about my first Indian English play/drama that I saw at St. Andrews College Auditorium few months back. It is called ‘Class of 84′ written and directed by Rahul Da Cunha.

When I heard about it I instantly thought this is it. And like I have heard several times that life throws signs at you and all you got to do is just pick them. To my amazement when I searched about the play ‘Class of 84′ it already had many of my favorite play performers.

Cast of ‘Class of 84′:

Rajit Kapur, Shernaz Patel, Radhika Da Cunha, Zafar Karachiwala, Sohrab Ardeshir, Dipika Roy, Joy Sengupta, Rituuraj


Rajit Kapur: Now this gentleman has one National Film Award for Best Actor – for his outstanding performance in the 1996 film patriotic film ‘The Making of the Mahatma’ jointly produced by Indian – South African, directed by the movie maven Shyam Benegal, indeed no intro justifies his master-class so I’ll skip that bit.

Now trivia for those who haven’t had (I would proudly say) a privilege to experience the  inception of television by the Indian National Television Channel, (now let me stress a bit more about how awesome I feel while I tap my long bony fingers on my noisy, dusty, rusty keyboard, sadly not a typewriter, yes, I am a proud old school-er and what the heck, most of my friends can’t stop when I talk about those days) the ultimate source of joy and happiness, our one and only beloved Channel Doordarshan and later came the glory days of DD Metro, a little modern way of entertainment with the likes of classic comedies such as Dekh Bhai Dekh, Shriman Shrimati and I can go for day and days about it.

Sorry I drifted apart from the subject, nostalgia had engulfed me with memories and I was carried away but here I am again; talking about Rajit Kapur, playing Bengali version of the smart and elegant Sherlock Holmes as ‘Byomkesh Bakshi’ (or Byomkesh Baksi) one of the most prominent detective character created by a prodigious Bengali Mr. Sharadindu Bandyopadhyay , and did I mention (1996) ‘Byomkesh Bakshi’ was directed by Basu Chatterjee ?

Now thanks to modern technology I can In fact relive best of ‘Byomkesh Bakshi’ via youtube. I am promising myself that I shall revisit and cherish the innocence of television of those 80’s and 90’s. In Class of 84 Rajit Kapur plays as a popular film actor. His role is initially portrayed as funny, brave and a well-off settled actor with lots of connections but as the play moves further slowly suspense unfolds many myths and reveals heart wrenching facts.

Shernaz Patel: I honestly do not know much about Shernaz Patel. I was clueless until I saw her performance in ‘Class of 84′, and I was just dazzled by her energy on the stage. Indeed her role was such but somebody still has to do it as deftly as Shernaz Patel as executed brilliantly.

Fuzzy is just anything everything about Feng Shui and boys are weakness just like any other teenager, who loves the attention of the opposite sex.Fuzzy is good mix funny and irritatingly crazy with her random questions and blunders.


Now before I go on about her let me just inform my readers that Shernaz Patel is playing the role of a bubble, brave and naughty Parsi (girl) Bawi, (Bombay girl of early 1980s) named as Fuzzy.

….PS: Next part of this post is coming soon I promise It’s coming really soon…my sincere apologies to all readers. I love you all.

Ring The Bell – Stop Violence Against Women

Following are some the main reasons I would ring the bell.

  • If any man is entering ladies compartment in the local transportation such as Mumbai ladies special trains or just ladies compartment.
  • If any man is harassing any lady at the railway platforms, bus stops, malls or any other places.
  • I will call CRPF’s helpline number if someone is harassing ladies and if there are many men who are like mob in the local trains, I would call cops secretly to inform them about it.
  • If any lady is treated disrespectfully due to domestic violence then I’ll try and get in touch with NGOs or ‘Bell Bajoa’

This is the list of NGOs in Mumbai whom I would request everyone to get in touch if any woman is getting harassed by anyone.

NGOs in India:

Voice of Women:

Some of the main NGOs where anyone of us can RING THE BELL are listed on the link given below:

NGOS TO ‘Ring the bell’ Violence Against Women

Important contact numbers for women helpline in Delhi

Important contact numbers for women helpline by Government of Tamilnadu

Toll FREE Number for Tamil Nadu – Women Help Line: 1091 & Child Line: 1098

-          In Uttar Pradesh – Just call 1090 to ‘Ring the Bell’ for Violence against the women

While doing my research for the Ring the Bell for violence against women I have also come across some great blogs and I would like to share one of them with you. If you are traveling alone in India then please read the below given link and share with all of your fellow man and women friends, family members, co-workers and everyone else.

We all should be thankful for a woman because that’s one of the crucial roots of our existence.

Note: This blog is written for the wonderful initiative IndiChange: Ring The Bell

Dear Gods Of Cricket, What Is Stopping Mumbai Indians?

If Sachin Tendulkar is a God of Cricket, IPL is overrated

Or is it that Sachin Tendulkar is overrated and over paid just to bring in more fans, remember one of those zoo attractions that forces many to just watch a certain dinosaur or aged tiger perhaps a good old subject of amazement.

Parents talk about such players to their children and show them that this is the man who has been backbone of the so called one of the religions of India, Cricket.

What sort of inspiration is this?

There is a great joy in winning hearts, sometimes you have got to win the games. Team owners and co-related franchisers are spending massively on so called world –class players but deliverable from these players are as good as none.

I feel sorry for the fans and franchise of Mumbai Indians:

Local Indian players:

Sachin Tendulkar, Rohit Sharma ,Munaf Patel, Dinesh Karthik, Pragyan Ojha, Ambati Rayudu

International Players:

Ricky Ponting, Kieron Pollard, Lasith Malinga, Glenn Maxwell, Mitchell Johnson

Why Mumbai Indians are failing?

Sachin Tendulkar: He maybe a world-class player but he is not helping his team by any means by hanging around as an opener. There’s no doubt he’s a crowd puller and many people still are bedazzled his presence. I was never and I will never. Consider that many matches, oh, don’t get me started.

Ricky PontingPunter joined with Mumbai Indians with great reputation but he failed miserably. As a captain he may have to compromise in certain aspects because of past bitter relationship between the Indians vs. The Australian players. Yes, his one handed blinder will be remembered for years. Ricky still seems super fit but it’s high time that he allows his bat to do a bit of talking.

Rohit Sharma: His skills are appreciated just like Mumbai’s Ajit Agarkar and he has got ample of chance to prove his worth but he is just taking his place in side for granted. He has clearly lost his live wire mojo on the field as well as in his batting.

Kieron Pollard: His personality fits very well in the T20 format. Kieron Pollard’s talent his wasted and the Mumbai Indian selection team must be blamed for it.

Dinesh Karthik: He’s scoring and keeping the wickets like never before.

Harbhajan Singh: He easily gets irked by pretty much anything. Sir, you have been dropped from the Indian cricket team but excuse me, best of players have faced it and they have bounced back like true warriors.

Fighting spirit is wrongly defined by aggression such: Throwing back bowl at the wicket keeper even when batter is safely in the crease, mind games? I don’t think so. Harbhajan Singh has behaved erratically internationally and we all know how he behaves in IPL, well of course here we are talking about on filed behavior.

Remember that run out with Ambati Rayudu on non-strike, I mean what was that? Harbhajan has the ability to hit ball out of the ground but Ambati Rayudu is in the Mumbai Indian team for a reason, to score run faster for his team.

What did Harbhajan Singh do, he hesitantly started running when Ambati Rayudu called him for a quick run, the moment Harbhajan found out that it was a risky single he stopped and foxed his team mate, Ambati Rayudu.  What happened then? Well, my first impression was that Ambati Rayudu is gone. I was annoyed but then the drama started puzzling everyone, including 20+ Mumbai Indian fans that were innocently waiting to his their team winning a damn game.

There was a sigh of relief as big giant screen at the ground showed how smartly Ambati Rayudu had crossed Harbhajan Singh and placed his bat at the other side of CREASE, and then it was an easy decision for the 3rd umpire to give Harbhajan Singh run out.

What was Harbhajan Singh thinking, oh forget thinking bit, he’s not known for that anyway but you know what I mean? And now clearly it seems as if teamwork doesn’t exist anymore in his world.

Lasith Malinga: Slow balls, Yorkers and bouncers but clearly it is not enough, he needs support from his team mates in the field otherwise he has been a backbone for Mumbai Indians.

Let us see who all we have as coaches – mentors OR Baba(s) – whatever you want to term them as:

Fielding Coach: Jonty Rhodes — No comments

Bowling coach: (I don’t know what he does and why is he in Mumbai Indians’ team?) THE Legendary Anil Kumble, err, are you serious? He is the so called master of short-pitch bowling, no turn, but he is known for his lethal flipper, bouncy deliveries and weak fielding but how much of that contribute to team’s morale or forget morale, team’s performance is all I care, right?

Bowling coach is one of the biggest weaknesses. Bowling coach’s primary quality consist aggression, enthusiasm and perhaps also great past record if at all he has any.

Hypothetically speaking if I was in Mumbai Indians I’d prefer someone with a charisma of Shane Warne, Waqar or Walsh, that thought itself about having someone like Alan Donald in my team as a bowling coach would have been great encouragement mentally.  It’s the assurance that bowling coach provides is all I am concerned about, clearly if you ask me as a player I’d hear everything that he says but I’ll definitely will not have any advantage of having him as bowling coach for my team.

I was happy with Shaun Pollock as a bowling coach but there were are, replacing Pollock with the man who seems like his just dragged out of his sleep to coach world-class bowlers to god alone knows what, for Mumbai Indians.

Robin Singh: Assistant Coach (?) No comments

Head Coach – John Wright

Whatever you are doing Mr. Wright, it’s not right. Seems like in spite of having one of the best teams you are clueless about the combination that should be in a playing eleven. As a Mumbai Indian Coach, you have a massive role, yes, nobody needs to remind you that alright but if fans are paying 2000+ to watch their home team perform well, then they have all the rights to question coach’s and entire team management’s roles and responsibilities.

You guys are getting these big back contracts from IPL franchises more because if your respective wins or plays well then fans feel happy.

What could players and team management get if their teams win— meaning what are the perks?

Advertising contracts, Better future endorsements, Lots of Money, Privilege of a Brand Ambassador, IPL Parties and many more

Few things I would have done if I were a coach or a selector:

Out: Sachin Tendulkar, Harbhajan Singh, Rohit Sharma, Ricky Ponting

IN: Aiden Blizzard, Dwayne Smith, Glenn Maxwell, Dhawal Kulkarni, Munaf Patel

PS: I am not a Mumbai Indians fan.

Why did the Australians fail in the 1st test of Border-Gavaskar Trophy 2013?


Flashback of Border-Gavaskar Trophy, 2012—2013 (Australia tour of India)

1st Test was held at Chennai’s MA Chidambaram Stadium, Chepauk

Key contributions:

Australia’s 1st innings:

  • The Australian Captain—Michael Clarke scoring stylish 130 runs from 246 deliveries
  • T20 Specialist David Warner scored 59 runs from 93 deliveries
  • The young debutant born in Funchal, Portugal(now plays for the Australian Cricket Team, Moises Constantino Henriques also known as Moey by his team mates scored an impressive 68 runs from 132 deliveries.
  • And the Australian fire power Peter Siddle batted like sensible player where he managed comfortable 19 runs from staggering 93 deliveries, clearly he made Indian bowlers feel like bunch of ordinary net bowlers.
  • Perhaps the legendary Yorkshireman Geoffrey Boycott would have quoted something like, “Even my mom could have got him (Peter Siddle) out in no time.”

Indian Bowlers’ in 1st Innings:

  • Indian off spinner Ravichandran Ashwin singlehandedly damaged the inexperienced Australian battling line up with 7 wickets and gave 103 runs, undoubtedly on spin friendly wicket but still someone has to do and he did it exceptionally well.
  • Young medium swing bowler Bhuvneshwar Kumar made his test debut for Team India
  • India had picked 3 specialists hence Harbhajan Singh was under bowled. Trio of Ravindra Jadeja, Ashwin and Harbhajan Singh bowled 103 over from the innings total 133.

India’s 1st innings as a batting side:

  • Sachin Tendulkar scored fearless 81
  • Virat Kohli seemed nervous but he held on to his nerves and scored 107 runs
  • Indian captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni hammered the Australian bowling attack with massive 224 runs in as many as 265 deliveries, managing a blazing strike rate of 84.52 with (24 fours and 6 gigantic sixes)
  • Debutant Bhuvneshwar Kumar played a little cameo of confident 38 runs in 97 deliveries


Australia’s 2nd innings were bundled out in 241 with M Henriques unbeaten 81 runs and Nathan Lyons determined 11 runs from 77 balls.

-          Ashwin took five wickets in the 2nd innings

India batted again in their 2nd innings and scored 50 runs while losing 2 openers and won the game

Result: India won the match with by 8 wickets

Man of the match: Chennai Super king Captain and now almost like a local player: Mahendra Singh Dhoni

My Verdict: The Australians managed to bat reasonably but it could have been better if experienced lads like Shane Watson, Phil Hughes and Mathew Wade had scored at least 100 collectively than 46 that is 35+35+30= 100, instead of 28+6+12=46? Failure in batting against the opponents such as Indian team with batters like Shewag, Sachin Tendulkar, Virat Kohli, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Pujara, Murli Vijay and Ashwin, Jadeja and Harbhajan all can bat as well.

On a spinning track Michael Clarke just managed 58 over between spinners compared to India 100. Shane Watson was not given a single over in that innings even when Indian batsmen were building big partnerships, why?

The Australian were banking on pacer on a flat wicket and bowled 97 overs amongst quick and medium pacers.

It was unfair for Michael Clarke who stood like a rock-solid wall and posted respectful score on the board.

Rail Budget 2013— “God save my country!”

What did we all miss at the latest 2013 Railway Budget?
–    Foam massage
–    Show throwing activity
–    Slap gate
–    Porn sharing
–    Verbal volleys of abuses from the legendary members
–    And many other fun activities

I liked the women’s security issues which will make commuting safer for them. My knowledge about the overall budget is like asking Sri Lankan Ex-captain Sangakara or Team India’s captain MS Dhoni or Ravi Shastri about what exactly happened during the toss in 2012 Cricket World Cup Final at Mumbai’s Wankhede stadium. Oddly enough I consider myself a person with 20% of awareness about the Rail Budget so feel free to bite me about my views.

Increasing the number of new trains to 67 and 27 passenger trains was a smart move. I was surprised by stability in the railway fare, expert says more because it was done way before the actual budget bearing this might be the last budget by the current ruling party. (Yes I don’t know who’s what really). More trains have been added for the devotees who face massive challenges during the peak seasons.

Good news for women is in every ladies compartment Women RPF personnel will be deployed. This will certainly ease traveling for women across the country, yes, trains are usually jam packed but at least commuting would be safer compared to current situation.
Youth’s demand was taken into consideration in the latest Railway Budget 2013 by promising FREE Wi-Fi in certain trains. On board staff can be contacted by a simple SMS more details will be shared by media people in the next few days, weeks or later in the coming years whenever its implemented, if at all. Railway budget 2013 includes 60 more Adrash stations adding to existing 980 stations. I don’t even know what does ‘Adarsh’ mean? Due to my past horrifying experiences with my name association with ‘Adarsh’ I think it’s another scam but they are just adding it directly into the budget so that no gets hurt. I think they are sweet then, right?

Railway Helpline 1800-111-321 has been set up and god alone knows that for how many minutes that line will work or who will answer and so on? But I think it’s a great idea. Those who like traveling in Rajdhani or Shatabdi Express will get more facilities and there will be a special coached named as ‘Anubhuti’ will have world-class facilities. I don’t even know how they define world-class facilities when a passenger is traveling between Delhi to any other place, considering current state I can’t even imagine what all they may have imagined and considered, phew. I don’t know, man. “God save my country!” Said one of the Bidi smoking members whom I met in the toilet!

A ticket generating technology with the capacity of producing 7200 tickets per minute, by the way the current capacity of the machine used by Indian railway is about 2000 minute as claimed by one of the member who almost spat a juice of pan on my mouth. Would you believe it? 2000 ticket per minute, where are you bro., heaven? E-booking timing will be from 0030 to 2330 which is great but I think nobody will dare to do that considering current downtime of the IRCTC website. Thank god if new timings and website works together.

All A Grade stations will have 179 escalators and lifts for the physically challenged passengers. And ‘Aadhar’ data will be used for the ticketing.


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